A film by Jan van Opstal


Montage: Frank Van Valderen


2018 | English | 38 mins | Digital Video | Color | Stereo | 25fps


In 1986, at the peak of panic about a new “gay-disease”, director Jan van Opstal heard that he was hiv-positive. Years of stigma followed, but the panic waned and life continued. During a holiday in South Africa, Jan was introduced to the Sister Mura Foundation, a support group for people with HIV. Many of the group members where shunned from their home countries, sometimes by family fearing infection. The taboos surrounding  HIV/AIDS echoed Jan’s own experience, but the contrast to his own situation struck him. He started following the members of the support group and to share experiences together. The result is a touching documentary that calls for solidarity and discusses the importance of speaking out.



2018 Docfest, Maastricht (NL)

2018 Limburg Film Festival, Venlo (NL)

2019 Watch out! Tetovo Film Festival - Tetovo (MK)